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Mdee constantly investigates innovative ways to help partners lock out competition and build additional revenue streams.

We give partners the opportunity to become authorised SOTI resellers, enabling seamless service to their customers. Partners can also add competitively-priced insurance policies to their connections and supply simple, affordable accessories.

Here to help.

Mdee offers full service to our partners from deal stacking, preparing proposals and negotiating funding, to resolving post sales queries, creating bespoke marketing campaigns and training programmes; we’re here to help.

Increasingly, Mdee works with partners in vertical markets or industry niches to develop bespoke propositions and helps partners deliver these effectively, with EE/BT, to the end customer.

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Glyn Horsfield Glyn Horsfield
Commercial & Finance Director

07946 627262

Glyn says...

It is hugely important to all of our partners that Mdee helps broker the best available commercial outcome for our partners, to facilitate winning new & developing existing clients. Through our JEM operating platform, we enable our partners to be commercially self-sufficient, whilst providing that extra trusted advisor wrap as a finishing touch, to ensure we pay both accurately and on time. Twice monthly payments help protect our partners’ cashflow, whilst the JEM system ensures that partners are remunerated for all their monies due, both in terms of commission and revenue share. With the addition of new & complimentary products into our modular operating platform, this enables our partners to offer a broader product portfolio to their client base, adding value at every opportunity.